The Choir Invisible


The Choir Invisible was born in December 2003, when Tim Hull – AKA Slave To The Grave – (singer/songwriter for melodic metal band Season’s End) decided to start a side-project focusing more on electronic music. TCI is now Tim’s main musical focus. Inspired by the wide variety of electronica, from the 80’s pop charts and 90’s underground labels, he set to work recording an EP,  ‘Amaranthus’. Several songs were written in the early months of 2004, but were discarded shortly after.

As he became more adept with the new and updated software available, the songs started to mould themselves into those you can hear on this page.

In the spring of 2005, Tim rendered his services as guitarist for Southampton-based Toybox Goth band RazorBladeKisses and TCI was postponed for a while, to allow for recording and live shows with RBK. During this time, Tim remixed RBK’s track ‘No Strings Attached’, reversing the feel of the song from a trip-hop vibe to a faster, D+B feel, which it was decided would be placed under the moniker of TCI.

However, in August 2005, Tim left RBK to return to his home town and continue his own musical ambitions. He tidied up the songs already written for TCI, and is set to add guitars and vocals to the tracks for new alternate versions, hopefully for future release.