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KidNineties Album Progress – March – ‘Night Terrors’

March has already got off to a good start.

I finished ‘Happy Accidents’ late into February, having refined a lot of the MIDI regions, adding some side-chain to the bass track in the latter half of the song and generally tweaking the EQ and putting together a decent master. You can hear it on the Soundcloud page.

I have now started work on the next track, which has the working title of ‘Night Terrors’. This will be a slower, more brooding track than ‘Happy Accidents’ but already has a quite a nice groove to it. It sounds like a contender for the beginning of the album. I’ve made a fair bit of use of Logic’s Alchemy synth, which I loved back when it was still owned by Camel Audio, and it’s provided the perfect background ambience for me to lay on some pretty driving bass!

Fingers crossed I’ll have a sample of the new track to post on the Soundcloud soon. Watch this space!



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