In 1928 Hampshire was blessed. 9 Months after Primrose and Egerton Groves returned from their annual visit to the Coughton Court Cheese and Pickle Festival, a star was born. Spending his formative years training in the Andes to become a world-class pickle-whittler, Norman Tiberius Groves returned home after word of his father’s tragic passing, and settled back in Bentley as the man of the family home. It was years later that a chance mishap in the Bentley Village stores would change Norm’s life forever. His then wife Ethel had sent him into the village to buy some beans, but after taking a spill from atop his trusty penny-farthing, Norm hit his head. After a few sherrys he realised that he had suddenly gained the powers of Stew Jazz. Years in the making, this Extended Play is the result.